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We accept dismantling and removal of unnecessary machinery and equipment

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No time and effort at one stop! We dismantle and remove unnecessary machinery and equipment

Cut the cost and effort for disposal in one stop

VIETNAM FUKUNAGA offers safe dismantling and disposal services for factories and field machinery that are no longer needed.
In Vietnam, the concept of proper processing has not yet penetrated in local factories, and there may be unclear places and complicated paperwork in various parts when disposing of equipment. In order to be able to request more peace of mind, we have cleared our own standards, used only partner companies under the guidance of Japanese experts, and made transparent transactions as a contact point between you and the local company. It is possible to improve the efficiency of waste processing because we supports one-stop handling of troublesome document procedures etc.

Customer case

In Fujikura Co., Ltd. who requested this time, it was necessary to dispose of the unnecessary equipment at the factory and to dismantle and remove the ventilation ducts, large machines, and gas tanks, but they concerned about the safety of the local contractor.

Vietnam Fukunaga was selected because we are bridging the local contractor in Vietnam.

"I was relieved with the correspondence that is not inferior to general Japanese manufacturers. The work was quick and great."

The factory

▲The factory

Removal of large equipment

▲Removal of large equipment

Contractor arrangement

▲Contractor arrangement


We will give you an overview of the equipment and machines you want to remove, so please feel free to contact us.

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