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Vietnam Fukunaga will challenge every business for customers and Vietnam!

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We are not limited to packaging and metal recycling! We will challenge every business for customers and Vietnam!

Since establishing its head office in Vietnam in 2014, Vietnam Fukunaga has not only used local factories, but has also been close to the field including technical guidance that dispatched Japanese experts in order to spread the know-how and technology cultivated in Japan.

Vietnam Fukunaga triggered the start of operations in Vietnam in the 2013 market survey. In the “recycling village”, which earns a living by recycling metal etc., it is known that it is bought cheaply because of high risk of work and unstable quality after recycling, and we wanted to support and change the situation of the recycling. In Japan, we started the metal resource recycling business about 70 years ago, and we have made good use of the know-how we have cultivated over many years of resource recycling for local guidance.

In addition to metal recycling, in order to benefit all Vietnamese companies, Japanese companies and us, we are engaged in various developments such as import / export in containers and inspection services etc.

Some of the past achievements

Market research

Market research

Import and export agency

Import and export agency

Dispatch of experts from Japan

Dispatch of experts from Japan

In addition to the above results, we are engaged in a variety of unconventional business developments, such as the sale of forklift non-puncture tires and the manufacture of vehicle stoppers made from recycled waste rubber.

Because Vietnam is a developing country, it tends to undermine environmental protection, transparency and planning. We are working hard to do business with the same plan and flexibility as Japan by contributing to the environmental contribution in Vietnam by converting the technology and know-how that Vietnam does not have at present to a form that suits the site and climate of Vietnam.

Getting into the scene and thickening the connections between Vietnam and Japanese companies is our mission at Vietnam.

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